Frequently Asked Question's

We are available by phone Monday through Friday and check our messages often when out on the job. Feel free to leave as much detail as you like, or try the fax or e-mail, and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

Office: (909) 882-8438

Mobile: (909) 359-2309


It depends on the equipment used:

  1. Flat pricing is difficult due to many variables, airspace restrictions, weather, subject, photo requirement’s, etc. Here is ballpark pricing as a guideline.
  2. Photos from the full size helicopter or airplane are $200 plus flight time (portal to portal).
  3. With our Skyeye III drone, the cost is $200 plus travel after the first hour.
  4. Ground photos are $150 plus travel after the first hour.

Special: Ground photos are $125 when included with Skyeye III shots.


We provide you with 16-24 images, usually more.

The images are high resolution and uploaded to you with no further cost.

We can provide prints from the digital images at an additional cost.


Weather permitting, we can have photos to you in 72 hours from the time you schedule the job.

Rush jobs are 50% additional cost and are given the highest priority.

Rush jobs can usually be completed in less than 24 hours.

We can fly almost any day, but we try to schedule several jobs on the same flight, enabling us to pass additional savings to the customer.

Ground shots are scheduled on all days.


Email or Call us with the following site details:

  1. Address of Subject Property
  2. Google Earth (or similar imagery), or a site plan showing geographic North
  3. Subject boundries outlined on the site plan or imagery
  4. Your Purchase Order number if used
  5. Your phone number if not alreay included

Additionally, it's helpful to know the objectives of your photos and your suggestions for shot angles.


The image files are typically ready for you to download within 1 business day after the site is flown.


We use a gyro when shooting from the helicopter and airplane to stabilize the camera and remove all aircraft motion and vibration, the resulting photos are much sharper.

No, there are no usage restrictions.

We do not charge for copyright © release if you include photo credits Aerial Images (909) 882-8438 when you reproduce our images.


Yes, we are and licensed with the FAA for commercial drone operations.


Rush jobs add 50%.


Yes, we do sports events, carnivals, rallies, shows etc for the urgent rate of 50% over standard rate.


Yes we shoot both interior and exterior ground photos. The cost for Ground photos is $150.00 plus travel after the first hour.


We can print from 5”x7” to 20” x 30” including all sizes in between.


Yes we have foam and Gator board with or without laminating available.

Matting and framing services are also provided and quoted per job.


We have an extensive data base of all the jobs we have photographed for the past 30 years.

Contact us with the exact site and time frame and we can look it up, we may have what you are looking for.