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About Aerial Images...
    Aerial Images is unique in the business of aerial photography

  • We can operate just about anywhere and we can get in low and up close for that special photo angle that brings out the best in your project.
  • We shoot with a selection of 35mm, medium format, and digital cameras (up to 11 mega pixel).
  • We use GYRO stabilization for all our aerial photography, allowing us to shoot a wide variety of both film stock and digital in all lighting conditions - including shooting at night.
  • Aerial Images was started in 1988. Our repeat client list includes over 500 companies and agents. We are highly respected in our field. We have the experience, from still photography over oil refineries in Hawaii, to flying movie cameras for the motion picture industry in Australia and Korea, to our own backyard in Southern California.

Call us about your project and we will recommend the method that will best shoot your site, at the most affordable price.